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The Lost Boys

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The Lost Boys
Anytime AU: Adventure & Thrills/Dark Themes/ Trigger Warnings: Will include Murder and Gore

Before the Fairy Tail Guild had invaded Edolas, a few children that were born to Edolas had traveled through the anima and learned of how Ishgar was thick and ripe with magic, how everyone, even the normal people, could find a way to use magic, for combat or for any other purposes they wished, similar to how the people of Edolas would embed their weapons with magic, and each of these boys that had come to Ishgar had known the way back into Edolas, but had chosen instead to remain in Ishgar until they were good and ready to go back home.

Before too long, all of the anima were closed, and they had found themselves unable to return home. Because of the frustration, they have towards not being able to return to their homes, each of them has taken to destructive paths, wreaking havoc in any way they possibly can, no matter what the cost, because now they have nothing left to lose.
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