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Final Wish

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Final Wish
Future/AU: New World
In the world of Irydia the ability to use magic is strange and known to occur by embedding a part of the user's souls into something, but the person with magic doesn't have access to the power that can unlock the power of their souls without some sort of unknown mechanism. The people with access to the mechanism that unlocks the soul run guilds, and all carefully select who may or may not join their guild, knowing that the cost of magic is great, and that the souls of most can't handle the stress that it puts on the body, however, non-magic users are angry that they can't have free access to the power that unlocks their soul and grants them magic. Because of this select individuals have decided to go on a journey to find a way to unlock that power within them, and give the people of the land magic once more, instead of relying on the choice of the guild masters for approval, but nobody knows the true cost of magic, and just what exactly it means to possess it, not even the guild masters, that, while careful to select their guild members, could never have imagined the true meaning of using it.
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